Garment Embroidery in Lancashire

Embroidery can look good on almost anything. This process is one of the best and most durable ways to decorate your garments, in order to customize your clothing and promote your Event, School, Company, Club…etc.

Embroidery can also be very effective on Sportswear, Team kits and School uniforms, or even just to give something that personal touch.

Your design is actually stitched into the garment, not just laid on top, and will last as long as the clothing. Generally speaking, embroidery is considered the best way to enhance a garment’s appearance, and give your organization or company a more professional modern image.

Embroidered designs can be produced in up to 11 thread colours, but normally 5 or 6 is enough to produce a nice logo. In fact simpler designs are often the most effective. The number of colours in your design does not affect the cost.

Firstly we need to reproduce your artwork/design in an embroidery format, which our embroidery machines can read. This process is called digitising. The (once-only) cost for this digitizing process is £25.00, for a normal size breast motif or sleeve size logo. We normally send a proof of the new bespoke embroidery design for approval, before production of your order.

Once this has been set up we will retain the design program for future orders.

The larger the design the greater the stitch count. Whenever a design is larger than 10cm X 10cm (for example a jacket back design), we will give you an accurate estimate once we see the design, should any additional costs apply. Sometimes, printing may be more appropriate and cost effective for larger back decorations. We are happy to advise and discuss all the available options, so if you have any questions at all, please call us on 01253 782939.