Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a minimum order?

Embro-Print are happy to supply any quantity of printed or embroidered clothing, but we offer pricing discounts for buying garments in quantity.

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Why do I need any design origination if I already have artwork?

To produce an embroidery, design origination techniques are used to redevelop your artwork into embroidery format.

Can you originate my design for me?

Embro-Print are able to prepare your design for an additional cost, which is dependant on the number of stitches required and the complexity of the design.

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How much does design origination cost?

As a guide, design origination of an average badge size logo would cost £25.
Embro-Print can provide an accurate estimate when we see your design.
Orders for 25 or more of an embroidered garment or accessory include
free design origination!

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Can I use the originated design again?

Embro-Print only have one set up cost, so that the originated design can be used again for further embroidery purchases.

I already have my design on disk, can you use it?

Embro-Print can use a design if it is in an embroidery format.

Do you supply embroidered garments in children’s sizes?

Many of Embro-Print’s printed or embroidered garments and accessories can be supplied in children’s sizes.

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Can you supply and embroider caps?

Embro-Print can embroider most types of hat, including – baseball caps and knitted hats.

I want individual names on my garments can you do that?

Embro-Print can add names at a cost of £2.50 per name per garment.

I only want the Company name on the garments, do I have to pay for origination?

If suitable, one of Embro-Print’s standard fonts can be used to create a design at a reduced cost of £10. We also have a selection of stock designs to choose from, many sports and pastimes included.

How much embroidery is included in the prices page?

Embro-Print supply one embroidery, at a breast motif size.
Normally embroidery designs are a breast motif or sleeve size logo. Larger designs can be produced on request.

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