Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a minimum order?
A. No, we are happy to supply any quantity, but there are price advantages to buying in quantity.

Q. Why do I need any design origination I have already got artwork?
A. To produce an embroidery, your artwork has to be made into embroidery format.

Q. Can you originate my design for me?
A. Yes, the cost depends on the number of stitches in the design and the complexity.

Q. How much does design origination cost?
A. As a guide an average badge size logo would cost from £40 to £60. We will give you an accurate estimate when we see the design.

Q. Can I use the design again?
A. Yes. The set up cost is a once only charge.

Q. I already have my design on disk, can you use it?
A. Yes, if it is in an embroidery format.

Q. Do you do children's sizes?
A. Yes, many of the garments displayed can be supplied in children's sizes.

Q. Can you supply and embroider caps?
A. Yes, most types, including - baseball caps and knitted hats.

Q. I want individual names on my garments can you do that?
A. Yes, the cost would be £2.50 per garment.

Q. I only want the Company name on the garments, do I have to pay for origination?
A. If one of our standard fonts is suitable, we could create a design for £10. We also have a selection of stock designs to choose from, many sports and pastimes included.

Q. How much embriodery is included in the prices page?
A. One embroidery, at a breast motif size. Normally embroidery designs are a breast motif or sleeve size logo. Larger designs can be produced on request.

Frequently Asked Questions